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Resolving the 3 Most Pressing Cloud Management Issues

Resolving the 3 Most Pressing Cloud Management IssuesIT departments tasked with the migration to cloud-based infrastructure are struggling with the challenges and complexity of managing multiple environments. The growth in size and scale of these cloud initiatives comes with a corresponding growth in complexity, leaving IT teams perplexed about how to update legacy IT processes and environments into a state fit for today’s digital world.

To better understand these IT challenges, 451 Research recently conducted an in-depth survey of U.S.-based enterprise IT organizations to learn more about their use of cloud infrastructure and the management and automation of the associated processes and technologies.

The report, “Cloud Management Market Survey and Analysis: A New Business Imperative Emerges,” found that more than 75 percent of enterprises are using multiple clouds, including public and private. Managing multiple cloud environments is leading to complexity, with 65 percent of respondents with more than one cloud using a cloud management platform (CMP) and 54 percent using tools from multiple providers.

However, the tools enterprises are using continue to fall short in solving three key management challenges:

  1. Users expect faster provisioning times and complain that response and turnaround time is too slow.
  2. IT is constantly challenged with the management and tracking of their digital and virtual assets.
  3. IT teams often have no idea why a virtual machine exists in their environment.

To resolve these challenges, 451 Research notes that having a cloud management platform is now a business imperative – not an option – especially as the use of hybrid cloud increases. However, 65 percent of these organizations are already using a CMP and are still feeling the pain, suggesting that many of the current options on the market are falling short in terms of solving the issues affecting today’s IT landscape.

The problem? Without a modern solution for multi-cloud management, end users are often delayed and frustrated by slow legacy processes that commonly lead to do-it-yourself resource acquisition. This creates a situation where the user is outside the control of IT, causing increased spending, added risk and further shadow IT issues.

In order to succeed, enterprise IT needs easy access to modern and reliable cloud resources, while ensuring IT maintains control and enforces company policies. As 451 concluded, “A CMP will be necessary to automate and orchestrate this process and ensure that business goals are met.”

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