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Embotics + Snow Software: Technology Intelligence for a Hybrid World

Snow-EmboAsset 1Embotics has an exciting announcement to share. Snow Software, the global leader in technology intelligence solutions, has acquired Embotics.

We built Embotics to provide enterprises and service providers with an easier, faster, platform-neutral and fully integrated solution for managing private, public, hybrid and multicloud IT environments – and beyond.

This is not the first acquisition in our space, but I am confident it will be the most impactful. Both Snow and Embotics are market leaders with a long history of driving customer value. What is exceptional about this partnership is that we’re making the investment up front, from day one, to fully integrate our two companies. Work will begin immediately to bring our products together in a single platform. We will also have a single operational structure and a shared go-to-market strategy.

This level of integration is necessary to achieve our shared vision. Simply putting multiple point solutions under one roof does little to create additional value. Where we see tremendous opportunity for customers is in fully integrated use cases across the full spectrum of on-prem and cloud services. Cloud migration planning, bring-your-own-license optimization, digital business process orchestration, cloud governance and hybrid cost control are just some of the challenges for which Embotics together with Snow will drive exponential returns.

Technology management can no longer remain siloed to physical or virtual or cloud assets. Executing a hybrid strategy is extremely difficult and extremely necessary for today’s enterprise. It requires a flexible, multi-faceted and automated approach. But the reward is greater agility and innovation while controlling cost and risk across the organization.

For our customers and partners, rest assured that there will be no disruption to your services or the exceptional support that you have come to expect from Embotics. In fact, a shared customer-centricity is one of the reasons I believe we are such a good fit with Snow. Today’s announcement means we can accelerate and expand our ability to bring you more innovative products and services. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

I also want to thank each and every member of the Embotics team for making this possible. I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished over the past 13 years. We shared an audacious goal: take our world-class company to a global stage. We have achieved that goal together, and I can’t wait to see what comes next from newly expanded team.

This is the right thing to do for Embotics, our team, our customers, our partners and our industry. I am excited to write our next chapter with you and our new colleagues at Snow. Onward and upward!

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