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The Days of Architecting the Perfect VM are Gone

If you could choose between a database that required a consultative process in which admins architected and approved the design and took four weeks to deliver, and a standard MySQL VM that you’d get in 15 minutes, which would you pick?

Business needs must drive IT deliverables. But how does IT deliver more with less? And how can IT remain relevant?

Standardize core services

First, the standardization of core services is an absolute necessity. When IT needs to do more with less, attempting to deliver unique services is a peril, not an asset. blg-blks.png

IT must offer standard services to the business, not unique ones.

The old IT mentality needs to evolve. Take a step back and look at the services that you need build to accelerate the business. Then treat these services like Lego blocks which can be built quickly and consistently.

Automation is crucial

blg-cntnrs.pngThis brings me to the second way that IT can deliver more with less: automation. Set up a service catalog, service request forms, pre- and post-provisioning workflows, and automated provisioning destinations. Then you can allow IT consumers some flexibility in tweaking the standard services, and everyone’s happy.

Having a laser-focused view on efficiently delivered services also helps to future-proof IT. Your ability to adopt new technologies and providers will put you on the path towards the containerization of services.

Topics: Application / Service Delivery Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Best Practices