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The Growing Footprint of Hybrid Cloud

hybrid-cloud2_LI.pngEnterprise cloud consumption is changing. There’s an unfortunate reality in most enterprises, where IT budgets are flat - but at the same time, IT teams are being asked to do more. The classic “do more with less” conundrum means that IT teams are turning to strategies - more VMs, more instances of public cloud use, and the consumption of more types of clouds and cloud services, for example - to accomplish this.

This has led to an enormous rise in the number of hybrid cloud environments. In today’s complex IT environments, hybrid cloud is on the rise - a trend that will almost certainly continue for at least the next five to ten years. A big part of why this is the case is because of the massive number of legacy applications that are running in on premise data centers for most large enterprises. It’s simply not cost-effective, security-effective or compliance-effective to lift and shift those applications. For those reasons, we’ll be living in a hybrid IT world for a very long time.

We have established that more and more enterprises are adopting hybrid cloud strategies, which are far more complex than other architectures, and are being asked to do more with less - so where does that leave them? The management and integration of these hybrid infrastructures can become a mixed bag where multiple tools can lead to inefficiencies  and be prone to increased costs. How are IT teams supposed to manage this complex environment? The only way to do this at scale is through automation, which is what we’re built on here at Embotics. vCommander is the fastest way to deploy and automate provisioning and enable self-service IT across virtualized, private and public cloud infrastructures while optimizing costs and resources.

We recently conducted a Webinar focused on specific strategies and best practices that IT organizations can use to improve their hybrid cloud governance while reducing public cloud costs and private infrastructure costs. If you are interested in learning more about different ways to improve hybrid cloud governance and optimize costs, I encourage you to check out the webinar here

For more information about how Embotics works with customers for private and public cloud automation and orchestration, you can click here, or if you'd like to take vCommander for a test drive, to see how easy cloud management and visibility can be across your public and private cloud infrastructures, download the vCommander trial today.Download Trial

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