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The Role of IT is Evolving

The Evolving Role of ITzz_blog-foodchain-3Times, they are a changing.

It’s not very likely that Bob Dylan had enterprise computing in mind when he penned those lyrics more than 50 years ago, but that doesn’t make it any less accurate when we look at the current state of where IT fits in the enterprise world. Here at Embotics, we talk to a lot of prospects and potential customers, and one thing we’re continuing to hear is that IT organizations are increasingly struggling to maintain relevance in a world dominated by cloud services.

IT teams are up against disparate and often conflicting sets of priorities. On one hand, they are being tasked with keeping costs down and meeting corporate expectations set by traditional on-premise IT solutions. On the other hand, they are being pressured to embrace an increasingly strategic approach to the cloud, including adoption of cloud native applications to enhance speed and agility. This can be a tricky middle ground.

In this webinar, Embotics CTO Scott Davis and Mark Jamensky, executive vice president of products at Embotics, discuss the challenges and opportunities of cost-effectively, managing different application architectures and methodologies across a multi-cloud environment and why IT still has a vital and integral role to play.

They look at the lessons learned from virtualization adoption cycles that apply to today’s IT organizations in the midst of an evolution from monolithic, multi-tier applications into micro-service, container-based services and into the realm of serverless computing. Topics they discuss in the webinar include:

  • How we got here:
    • Server Virtualization through SDDC and Public Clouds
    • Application architectures – from multi-tier applications to micro-services and beyond
  • Managing cost and complexity – how to make intelligent trade-offs between on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure
  • How IT can become a trusted business partner in the cloud journey
  • The role of IT as the cloud broker
  • Best practices for cloud automation

 If the struggle we’re talking about sounds familiar, I encourage you to take some time and watch the webinar, which you can access here:

Watch Webinar

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