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Thinking Beyond the VM:  Automation and Workflows

Thinking beyond the Virtual MachineThe server virtualization market has come a long way. Today, nearly every enterprise uses virtualization – as it has become a mainstay in public, private and hybrid cloud deployments. As the virtualization market has matured over the years, organizations have evolved their VM strategies far beyond the point of simple virtualization. VM deployments today often include an element of self-service provisioning, where users can create their own virtual machines based on templates that exist in the service cloud.

The result here is pretty obvious - users prefer the self-service options and IT staff certainly benefit from reduced workloads, but it does add a degree of complexity that some organizations struggle with. VM complexity can get out of control quickly, often leading to wasted IT resources and cost containment issues - and that’s where automation comes into play.

Automation is an incredibly powerful force for enterprises. It can help handle IT tasks that are time consuming, repetitive or are prone to human error. Automation can improve nearly every aspect of a hybrid cloud environment. It has the potential to make virtual machine deployments more efficient while reducing waste and cutting costs by reclaiming hardware resources or software licenses that would otherwise be wasted.

If you are one of the many organizations that are struggling with how to introduce automation into your virtualization strategy, check out our recent whitepaper that may help. “Thinking Beyond the VM: Automation and Workflows” looks at the business case for automation and the tools you can use to avoid wasted resources and to reduce costs. This includes the creation of a service catalog, the process of automating approval requests, creating a more efficient deployment process and managing entire virtual machine lifecycle and extending your virtual machines’ expiration date.

To learn more, please download the whitepaper:


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