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To Rebuild, Shift or Stay, That Is the Question!

On the heels of AWS re:Invent, the question that many CIOs and CTOs should be asking is: How do I leverage the public cloud with my current homegrown apps?

The answer to this question depends on which of these two camps you’re in:

  1. Your application is growing and facing scaling and capacity concerns.
  2. Your application is static and on maintenance or life support.

If you’re in camp 1, cloud providers are something you should take a look at. They provide machine instances, databases and load balancers, as well as other services to enhance and scale applications.

If you’re in camp 2, keep the status quo with respect to public cloud. But in either camp, you still need business oversight to manage the application. You have developers maintaining or extending the applications with dev instances, and you need to optimize the capacity and resource utilization of your production instances.


vCommander provides detailed costing information for VMs

Most importantly, you need to manage costs and determine the best platform to run your application based on dollars, SLA and security. The Embotics® vCommander™ Cloud Management Platform can help.


vCommander’s VM Comparative Economics Report

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