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5 Steps to Implementing an Effective Cloud Management Platform

The key to implementing complex projects is to break them down into smaller, less intimidating steps – ones that can be easily focused on and dealt with one at a time. So, when it comes to embarking on a cloud management project, the same rules apply, and there are a common set of management and automation features that are required. The good news is you don’t need to tackle them all at once, but you can take small steps with each to ensure success and adoption. These include:

  • Resource Optimization
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Workflow and Automation
  • IT Costing and Chargeback
  • Self-Service Provisioning and Service Catalogs

Let’s take a look at each of these features in turn.

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Top 5 Mistakes New vCommander™ Admins Make

I’m a lists guy.

Getting to pore through all kinds of interesting lists means New Year’s provides some of my favorite reading of the year. From grim looks back (The 7 Biggest Cloud Outages From 2015) to predictions for the year to come (3 Key Cloud Trends for 2016), I’m fascinated by all of it. So, I thought I’d try putting one together myself, based on our view from the support desk.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 mistakes new vCommander admins make:

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Choosing Your vCommander™ Database Platform

One of the most important choices new vCommander administrators must make is which database platform to use: PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each, which are discussed below. However, the most important thing to understand is that it’s not possible to migrate between platforms. If you do need to switch platforms, Embotics Support can assist you with keeping some of the VM metadata, but other important data may be lost, and it will take some time to recreate various configuration choices.

Let’s look at the options.

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Running vCommander Workflows with User Input

vCommander allows you to perform repeatable actions tailored to your environment. You’re probably already familiar with command workflows, which allow users to run commands on various types of services, such as VMs and virtual services. But you can also create repeatable, customizable actions based on user input, through service change requests and completion workflows. This post shows you how.

Consider the following use case: A Service Portal user needs support and wants to email the IT contact for that VM. Setting this up with vCommander is easy.

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Enabling Your Users to Rightsize Their VMs

How do you ensure that all VMs in your virtualized infrastructure are allocated the correct resources for their workload? Allowing your users to rightsize their VMs is a great way to minimize cost and maximize performance.

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Five Ws for Five Nines

If you’re a vCommander admin, what’s the best way to report issues to Embotics® Support effectively?

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Generation Now!

With every year that passes, it seems like we expect things faster, cheaper and better. The same is true of IT. As an end user, if I’m not satisfied with the level of service I’m getting from my IT department, I can go around them, throw down my Visa card and fire up an instance of Ubuntu at Amazon EC2 in minutes. I’m probably breaking a ton of security and compliance policies, but doing this is possible, and I get instant gratification for making progress on the tasks I’m trying to accomplish for the business.

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Cloud Management Software: The Challenges of Managing Virtual Assets

Are you constantly challenged with the managing and keeping track of your digital and virtual assets?

Embotics® vCommander™ allows you to easily track assets, and to wrap a process around the request for assets to guarantee you know why a virtual machine (VM) exists in your environment.

vCommander VM Management features allow you to run a higher VM to admin ratio, saving full-time equivalent (FTE) costs. Your initial return on investment (ROI) will cease to erode, and you’ll gain further ROI through the increased efficiencies of your cloud management platform.

The ability to collect data cross platform and to assign values to the components being used, no matter who the vendor is, allows you to deliver a complete picture of costs while helping you to reconcile value in the organization.

Default costs are derived from our knowledge and expertise, allowing you from day one to compare what you thought was happening in your environment, to what is actually happening in your environment.

With our solution, you’ll improve efficiency, reducing costs and complexity while optimizing planning and growth.

Features include:

  • Resource Management, Optimization & Capacity Planning
  • Reporting, Analytics & Visualization
  • Inventory, Change & Configuration Management
  • Delegated Administration & Distributed Operations
  • Chargeback and IT Costing
  • VM Lifecycle Management
  • Governance, Tracking & Compliance
  • Snapshot Management
  • Multi-Hypervisor Management
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