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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Users, Customers, Consumers… Oh My!

Running a private or hybrid cloud can be a lot like waking up in the Land of Oz. If you’ve avoided getting pinned down by a house crashing down, you still have to contend with an ever-growing cast of unusual characters placing unique demands upon you.

Topics: Service Catalog Application / Service Delivery Best Practices vCommander

Building Community: OpenStack, Embotics And The Open Source Cloud

The minds behind OpenStack – pros from Rackspace Hosting, NASA and others – say that the open source cloud-computing platform they’re creating is a bazaar, not a cathedral. The mission is to build a massively scalable open source, open design, open development community for all public and private cloud providers. Last month, Embotics joined that expansive community, and we’ve pledged to leverage OpenStack technology in future versions of vCommander.

Topics: OpenStack Application / Service Delivery Multi-hypervisor