Are you constantly challenged with the managing and keeping track of your digital and virtual assets?

Embotics® vCommander™ allows you to easily track assets, and to wrap a process around the request for assets to guarantee you know why a virtual machine (VM) exists in your environment.

vCommander VM Management features allow you to run a higher VM to admin ratio, saving full-time equivalent (FTE) costs. Your initial return on investment (ROI) will cease to erode, and you’ll gain further ROI through the increased efficiencies of your cloud management platform.

The ability to collect data cross platform and to assign values to the components being used, no matter who the vendor is, allows you to deliver a complete picture of costs while helping you to reconcile value in the organization.

Default costs are derived from our knowledge and expertise, allowing you from day one to compare what you thought was happening in your environment, to what is actually happening in your environment.

With our solution, you’ll improve efficiency, reducing costs and complexity while optimizing planning and growth.

Features include:

  • Resource Management, Optimization & Capacity Planning
  • Reporting, Analytics & Visualization
  • Inventory, Change & Configuration Management
  • Delegated Administration & Distributed Operations
  • Chargeback and IT Costing
  • VM Lifecycle Management
  • Governance, Tracking & Compliance
  • Snapshot Management
  • Multi-Hypervisor Management