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When Veeam Meets Embotics vCommander: The Merger of Backup and Cloud Automation

The story of the Veeam integration with Embotics vCommander started when our Lead Systems Engineer Colin Jack developed his own Veeam PowerShell snaps and scripts to add into vCommander for increased backup. Veeam PowerShell is a task-automation scripted language for Microsoft applications that can be used to automatically start a weekly, daily or even hourly backup. From these first scripts, Colin worked with developers and created a more secure, high-feature snap with safe and secure credentials.

So, why should your enterprise consider configuring Veeam backup solutions through your cloud management platform? Because as the need for cloud automation within your data center increases, virtual machines (VMs) will become more efficient, but there is a greater risk for backup errors. If a disaster were to occur, the trouble caused to your data backup could lead to misallocation of resources and big problems for your data center. To prevent this issue, enterprises can integrate Veeam with vCommander in a few different ways:

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