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All Cloud, No Fluff

I like my job in marketing. When done correctly, marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool that helps organizations clearly articulate the value of complex solutions to a group of people who can really be helped by that solution. Notice that I said, “when done correctly.” I think we do an amazing job here at Embotics being honest, clear and concise in our marketing materials - but that’s not always been my experience in this industry.

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Fanatics Automates DevOps Provisioning

Fanatics is the global leader in licensed sports merchandise and is changing the way fans purchase their favorite team apparel and jerseys through an innovative, tech-infused approach to making and selling fan gear in today’s on-demand culture.

Topics: Case Study DevOps Automation Cloud Management

Customer Spotlight: Peak 10

Peak 10 is a hybrid IT services provider servicing enterprise-class customers. With a focus on enabling customer success, Peak 10 needed a way to allow customers to consume public cloud resources on demand. 

Topics: Public Cloud Managed Services Case Study ServiceNow

Customer Spotlight: Savers

The Savers family of stores is a for-profit, global thrift retailer offering great quality, gently used clothing, accessories and household goods. Operating in over 330 locations, and with 22,000 employees, IT struggled to satisfy a growing demand for resources without an increase in IT team headcount.

Topics: Lab Management Cloud Automation Software Self-Service Provisioning Case Study

Customer Spotlight: Great Western Bank

As a locally-focused community bank, Great Western Bank has always been about building meaningful relationships with the individuals and businesses they serve. The bank also understands that in order to be successful as a company, their people must first be successful.

Topics: Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Self-Service Provisioning Case Study Security

Customer Spotlight: BriteSky

Enterprise cloud service provider, BriteSky, provides cost-effective and secure cloud solutions for Canadian businesses, but unlike generic, preconfigured offerings, BriteSky offers customized, highly secure virtual data vaults called Portable On-Demand Data Centers (PODDs), that fit the unique needs and scalability requirements of each business.

Topics: Managed Services Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Service Providers Case Study

Customer Spotlight: Careerbuilder Automates Provisioning

With over 2,500 virtual machines, and a company transforming itself from a web site for job candidates to post resumes and search for new opportunities to a software-as-a-service company catering for the lifecycle of a candidate, the requirements of the development teams tasked with creating the software products were beginning to stretch the resources of the IT teams.

Topics: Use cases Cloud Management Platform (CMP) vCommander Case Study

Customer Spotlight: Leading Fashion Specialty Retailer

Before moving to the cloud, this leading retailer had a shared services model, with separate IT groups responsible for the operating systems, network, storage, databases. Anytime there needed to be a production change or triage, these different teams had to be brought together to implement changes and resolutions.

Topics: Case Study Retail

Customer Spotlight: CRM Software Company

With over 3,000 global customers, and dedicated to streamlining business and enhancing customer engagement, this leading CRM software company wanted to make their virtual machine provisioning process more efficient.


With up to 100 VMs being provisioned manually each month by a team of five, the IT Operations team were asked to find solutions to help them automate as much of the day-to-day tasks as they could, including implementing a self-service portal solution to both free up IT resources, as well as improve the provisioning times of virtual machines for the end-users, and bring greater efficiencies to the company.

Topics: VM Sprawl & Rightsizing Self-Service Provisioning Case Study

Customer Spotlight: Serena Software

Serena Software, one of the largest global Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution providers, were looking to streamline the automation and provisioning of systems being used by their developers.

Topics: Cost Management Self-Service Provisioning Case Study