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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

How to Manage Infrastructure Access with a Cloud Management Platform

In many organizations, IT is in the difficult position of having to adhere to corporate policies of controlling cloud service usage, while allowing end-users to have the flexibility they need to work effectively with their VMs. Implementing self-service provisioning capabilities removes much of the need for repetitive, high-maintenance, hands-on IT provisioning and frees up IT resources for more essential projects.

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Cloud Management Architecture for the Agile Age

When it comes to deploying a cloud management platform, chances are you don’t have a pristine greenfield environment, where there is no legacy technology in place that needs to be integrated with, and the infrastructure is just sitting there waiting to be fired up.

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The Need for Multicloud Management

More and more organizations are adopting a mulitcloud strategy, as it provides the flexibility to run workloads across any environment – public, private or managed – and optimizes performance. In fact, according to IDC, over 90 percent of enterprise-scale organizations plan to make use of multiple clouds in the next several years.

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2018 Prediction: A New Generation of CMP

A few weeks ago, my colleague Scott Davis contributed a post to this blog taking a look at his predictions for the cloud market in 2018. It’s a fantastic read, and I recommend that you look it over if you haven’t already.

After reading that one again, it got me thinking about what 2018 may hold in store for the cloud market, and it’s got me excited. The cloud landscape is undergoing a massive change as businesses have become increasingly digital. But the way many vendors out there manage cloud environments remains stuck in the past.

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Webinar Q&A: Cloud Management - Proof of Concept Made Easy

At the end of each of our webinars, we hold a Q&A session where the audience can ask questions that arose from the webinar content. This blog series highlights some of those questions to expose them to a wider audience.

This week the questions come from the webinar, Cloud Management - Proof of Concept Made Easy, where large scale virtualization expert and VMware vExpert Stuart Burns, and Embotics’ Lead Solutions Architect, Colin Jack gave their perspective on implementing a functional day-one proof of concept (PoC) for a cloud management platform using Embotics vCommander.

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Transforming Digital Business with Next-Generation Cloud Management Platforms

Business today is increasingly digital; organizations across a wide range of industries – from financial services to ecommerce – are providing software-based core capabilities and services to customers. And to effectively compete, businesses need to be able to deliver these software features, services and solutions far more rapidly than ever before, while maintaining high quality and preserving a rich user experience.

Topics: Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Microservices Containers DevOps CMP 2.0

Customer Spotlight: Great Western Bank

As a locally-focused community bank, Great Western Bank has always been about building meaningful relationships with the individuals and businesses they serve. The bank also understands that in order to be successful as a company, their people must first be successful.

Topics: Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Self-Service Provisioning Case Study Security

Customer Spotlight: BriteSky

Enterprise cloud service provider, BriteSky, provides cost-effective and secure cloud solutions for Canadian businesses, but unlike generic, preconfigured offerings, BriteSky offers customized, highly secure virtual data vaults called Portable On-Demand Data Centers (PODDs), that fit the unique needs and scalability requirements of each business.

Topics: Managed Services Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Service Providers Case Study

Customer Spotlight: Careerbuilder Automates Provisioning

With over 2,500 virtual machines, and a company transforming itself from a web site for job candidates to post resumes and search for new opportunities to a software-as-a-service company catering for the lifecycle of a candidate, the requirements of the development teams tasked with creating the software products were beginning to stretch the resources of the IT teams.

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CMP 2.0: The Software Factory Assembly Line

The world of applications is changing dramatically. DevOps, cloud, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), microservices and serverless computing designs are impacting how quickly innovative companies can deliver new services. But in order for companies to embrace this new world and not be left in the dust, they must also embrace automation.

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