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FedEx Days at Embotics® — Encouraging Innovation

Once a year, every member of the Embotics engineering team gets to pick a project to work on for a few days and then present it to the team. We call these days FedEx Days. The concept of a FedEx day was started by Atlassian as an experiment to foster innovation. The name comes from the 1980’s FedEx slogan: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

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Embotics® vCommander™ Documentation on the Web

After much hard work, the Embotics® vCommander™ user documentation is available on the web at http://docs.embotics.com.

vCommander User Documentation on the Web

We’ve put all of our docs together, so you can easily search the whole suite. You can navigate from the Installation Guide to the Release Notes to the vCommander User Guide to the Service Portal User Guide.

Our web docs have a bunch of handy features. The Search tab takes you to your latest search results.

The Permalink button lets you share topics with others. Or you can just copy the URL in the address bar.

Open multiple topics with the New Tab button.

Navigate long topics using the Contents button on the right.

Generate a nice printable topic view with the Print button.

The vCommander User Guide and the Service Portal User Guide are still included as context-sensitive help in your vCommander installation, and you can still find PDF versions of all of our documentation by logging into our Support site.

We hope you find the web documentation useful. And don’t forget to check out the great troubleshooting information and tips in our Knowledge Base. Our Support team adds new articles regularly.

— Helen Abbott, Senior Technical Writer

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Where did the name “Embotics®” come from?

I’m often asked by customers, partners and others involved in the wider virtualization and cloud management ecosystem where we got the name Embotics®. Today I’ll tell the story, and provide some resources that I hope will be helpful to anyone making the same decision.

We were starting up in 2006, coincidentally the same year Amazon AWS launched, and knew we needed a name that was:

1. Meaningful in the market we were pursuing
2. Short enough to roll off the tongue
3. Not going to violate someone else’s intellectual property rights
4. Available to register as a .com

Sounds easy, right? Well, until you’ve been through the exercise, you won’t appreciate how difficult it can be! Let’s break down the name Embotics against these four criteria:

Making It Meaningful

The founding team had its roots in policy-based systems management and automation technology, often referred to as autonomic computing back in the early 2000s, but saw that the growing trend of server virtualization held the future. We believed that virtualized data centers, the genesis of private and hybrid clouds, operated by future enterprises and service providers would need to be self-managing and self-regulating. Software controlled automation would be the heart of this effort – what we now refer to as the Software Defined Data Center, or SDDC.

Given the accelerated rate of change, virtual data centers would require purpose-built systems management automation and orchestration platforms to monitor, analyze, plan and execute the delivery and governance of IT services. Today, this type of software, including our own Embotics® vCommander™ is often called a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) by Gartner and other analysts.

John Kaldeway was doing some freelance marketing consulting for us at the time, and suggested the phrase “Embedded Bot”.

Short and Sweet

Okay, “Embedded Bot” feels a bit like the start of a tongue twister. Collectively, we decided to shorten the name to Embotics, a name that is true to its meaning, but has a sharper sound.

Intellectually Ours

Now that we were really getting somewhere, it was time for the due diligence. We search Google and Yahoo extensively. We also queried the trademark database operated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), to make sure we were in the clear to proceed.

Registration Day

Without a doubt, the hardest part of naming a business today is finding an open .com name. Domains covering every word in the dictionary were all registered many years ago, so you either have to invent a new word, conjugate or combine two or more words, or buy a domain name at a premium from someone else who owns the rights. Of course, we ended up going with our invented word (we’re still hoping to get into the dictionary, though). We knew from our online searches that nothing was coming up, and confirmed this with our domain registrar, scooping up our .com right away.

If you’re an entrepreneur or founding team member in the existing early days of a startup, and you’re looking for more structured guidance on choosing a company name, here are some resources you may find useful:

How to Choose the Best Name for Your Business – Inc.com
10 Ways to Come Up with a Killer Name for your Company – BusinessInsider.com
How to Choose the Best Name for your Company – Forbes.com
10 Business Name Generators to Help you Create your Brand – Shopify.com

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