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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Implementing Cloud Management: The First Step to Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Implementing an integrated cloud management platform is the key first step on the path to a hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud infrastructure. By providing a single pane of glass across all of the disparate cloud services, whether private or public, you’re able to view all of the various dimensions of your infrastructure. This includes:

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vCommander™ 5.7 Sneak Preview: Custom Attribute Sublists and Boolean Workflow Step Conditions

Today, I’m happy to provide a sneak peak at two vCommander 5.7 features. Despite being simple to use, custom attribute sublists and Boolean operations in workflow step conditions greatly increase the power and flexibility of vCommander automation.

Topics: Releases How-to Cloud Management Platform (CMP) vCommander

Integrate Chef with Embotics vCommander to Provision and Manage Chef nodes

Integrate Chef with Embotics® vCommander™ to provision and manage Chef nodes

If you use Chef as your IT automation platform, you can seamlessly integrate Chef with Embotics® vCommander™ to provision and manage Chef nodes. With vCommander, you can predefine your Chef node configuration right in the service catalog. Requested VMs can be automatically deployed and configured as Chef nodes.

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Inventive ways to use Embotics® vCommander™

Embotics® vCommander™ is so easy to use that our development team has come up with some inventive ways to use it. For instance, did you know that you can use vCommander to manage your daily schedule? vCommander’s command workflows make it easy.

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Enabling Your Users to Rightsize Their VMs

How do you ensure that all VMs in your virtualized infrastructure are allocated the correct resources for their workload? Allowing your users to rightsize their VMs is a great way to minimize cost and maximize performance.

Topics: Administration How-to VM Sprawl & Rightsizing Best Practices vCommander