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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Extend your Reach with the vCommander REST API

If you want to take full advantage of your cloud management platform to address business problems, Embotics® vCommander® comes out of the box with an extensive REST API and powershell cmdlet that enable any number of automation use cases. Valuable resources such as SaaS, IaaS, legacy systems, ERP, on-premise applications, data sources and databases, whether inside or outside of the enterprise can be integrated to automate workflows, orchestrate external systems, and provide continual service improvements.

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The Case for Automation - Part 2: Tips for Successful Cloud Automation

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post outlining the benefits of cloud automation, and how it’s helping organizations across the world more effectively manage large scale workflows and rein in complexity. But when I re-read the post recently, I realized I’d left out something important - some prescriptive tips that will help you develop the strategies you need to start reaping the benefits of cloud automation. So without further ado, the following tips will allow you to implement effective automation solutions that will enable real reductions in operating expenses and improved efficiency: 

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Embotics & Zerto – Better Together

Enterprises are increasingly hosting their applications and infrastructure across public, private and hybrid clouds and Disaster Recovery (DR) is a very popular use case for these multi-cloud environments. If a business-critical application is unavailable, in today’s digital world an enterprise’s revenue stream may be adversely impacted.

However, having a disaster recovery configuration at a second on premise data center on enough hardware to take over at scale in case of a rare emergency can be both an expensive and complex undertaking. Hence, disaster recovery hosting in the public cloud with its consumption based pricing becomes both a desirable and cost effective model. Moreover, making sure that the DR site is ready to take over in an emergency requires continuous data replication, automation and periodic failover testing.

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Using vCommander to Deploy a Docker Environment, Part 2

In a previous post, I talked about how to use the Embotics vCommander Cloud Management Platform to deploy the Docker engine.  Now it’s time to pile on the containers.

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Using vCommander to Deploy a Docker Environment Part 1

What is Docker?

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Integrate Chef with Embotics vCommander to Provision and Manage Chef nodes

Integrate Chef with Embotics® vCommander™ to provision and manage Chef nodes

If you use Chef as your IT automation platform, you can seamlessly integrate Chef with Embotics® vCommander™ to provision and manage Chef nodes. With vCommander, you can predefine your Chef node configuration right in the service catalog. Requested VMs can be automatically deployed and configured as Chef nodes.

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Puppet Plus Embotics vCommander Equals Faster ITaaS

If you use Puppet Labs® Puppet to deliver ITaaS, you can seamlessly integrate Puppet with Embotics® vCommander™ to provision and manage Puppet nodes. With the vCommander Cloud Management Platform (CMP), you can predefine your Puppet node configuration right in the service catalog. Requested VMs can be automatically deployed and configured as Puppet nodes. You can also set up automatic VM decommissioning driven by expiry date or by a change request process, including removal of the node configuration from the Puppet master.

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Enhancing Embotics vCommander with the AWS CLI

As your enterprise matures, it’s inevitable that the cloud you manage will change. You may even want to empower users with advanced functionality, but that doesn’t mean you want to grant them direct access to your cloud infrastructure in order to do so. After all, they’re already familiar with the vCommander™ interface, and you’ve got the organization accustomed to Embotics® vCommander’s request and approval workflows. What you need is a way to enhance your vCommander workflows with the advanced functionality of your infrastructure, but in a way that only exposes what you choose to expose.

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When Veeam Meets Embotics vCommander: The Merger of Backup and Cloud Automation

The story of the Veeam integration with Embotics vCommander started when our Lead Systems Engineer Colin Jack developed his own Veeam PowerShell snaps and scripts to add into vCommander for increased backup. Veeam PowerShell is a task-automation scripted language for Microsoft applications that can be used to automatically start a weekly, daily or even hourly backup. From these first scripts, Colin worked with developers and created a more secure, high-feature snap with safe and secure credentials.

So, why should your enterprise consider configuring Veeam backup solutions through your cloud management platform? Because as the need for cloud automation within your data center increases, virtual machines (VMs) will become more efficient, but there is a greater risk for backup errors. If a disaster were to occur, the trouble caused to your data backup could lead to misallocation of resources and big problems for your data center. To prevent this issue, enterprises can integrate Veeam with vCommander in a few different ways:

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