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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Hybrid IT: Can You Keep Up?

Let’s face it – the role of IT just isn’t what it used to be. Many modern organizations are already undergoing the transformation, transitioning to our new normal – hybrid IT.

Today’s organizations all have some combination of public or multi-cloud, on-prem virtualization, SaaS, colocation, edge, industrial IOT, and bring-your-own-device. While every organization may not have each and every one, it's highly likely that it will have some sort of combination of them.

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DevOps and IT: A Match Made in Heaven

While many IT leaders may still have five-year strategic plans in place to accelerate digital transformation efforts and implement a DevOps strategy, there is constant pressure on them to speed up the process.

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The Role of IT is Evolving

Times, they are a changing.

It’s not very likely that Bob Dylan had enterprise computing in mind when he penned those lyrics more than 50 years ago, but that doesn’t make it any less accurate when we look at the current state of where IT fits in the enterprise world. Here at Embotics, we talk to a lot of prospects and potential customers, and one thing we’re continuing to hear is that IT organizations are increasingly struggling to maintain relevance in a world dominated by cloud services.

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7 Challenges for IT Management

As an IT executive, the struggle to match business process with business focus and growth is unceasing. It is for this reason that you surround yourself with both the right team of people, as well as the right infrastructure to help you guide your business forward.

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The IT Crossroads

During the past few decades perhaps no C-level position has undergone as many changes in expectations, approaches, and philosophies as that of the Chief Information Officer. The CIO is constantly challenged not only top keep abreast of an ever-changing landscape of technologies, but also to keep up with changes that affect the business as a whole. To keep up with fast moving competitors, CIOs need to ensure that their organization is increasingly agile and is able to rapidly deliver high quality, secure applications and services. But delivering in this way is not always in line with the annual budgeting process and can be especially conflicting with the fixed resources that IT has available. 

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Overcoming Common Cloud Objections: Part 2

In Part 1 of our “Overcoming Common Cloud Objections” blog series, we explored four common misconceptions around total cost of ownership, control over data, expenses, and security and compliance in the cloud. Today, we’ll explore – and put to rest – four more fallacies in our second and final post of the series:

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Steps to Faster Provisioning

As end users rely more and more on computing resources and services to get their jobs done, IT organizations — and system administrators in particular — are experiencing ever-increasing demands on their time. Despite the importance of IT in strategic and tactical operations, many IT departments are so overrun with requests that doing things in a reactive and ad hoc fashion becomes the norm.

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Digital transformation is an imperative, not an option

Technology is radically changing the way we do things across all aspects of life as more and more processes become automated. It’s changing the way we bank, how we access and use technology in the workplace, how we use transportation, and so on. With those changes, IT has to do more and more, and as a consequence, is morphing from being a cost center in most enterprises, to becoming a strategic partner in the business.

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