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Using vCommander to Deploy a Docker Environment, Part 2

In a previous post, I talked about how to use the Embotics vCommander Cloud Management Platform to deploy the Docker engine.  Now it’s time to pile on the containers.

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Puppet Plus Embotics vCommander Equals Faster ITaaS

If you use Puppet Labs® Puppet to deliver ITaaS, you can seamlessly integrate Puppet with Embotics® vCommander™ to provision and manage Puppet nodes. With the vCommander Cloud Management Platform (CMP), you can predefine your Puppet node configuration right in the service catalog. Requested VMs can be automatically deployed and configured as Puppet nodes. You can also set up automatic VM decommissioning driven by expiry date or by a change request process, including removal of the node configuration from the Puppet master.

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Enhancing Embotics vCommander with the AWS CLI

As your enterprise matures, it’s inevitable that the cloud you manage will change. You may even want to empower users with advanced functionality, but that doesn’t mean you want to grant them direct access to your cloud infrastructure in order to do so. After all, they’re already familiar with the vCommander™ interface, and you’ve got the organization accustomed to Embotics® vCommander’s request and approval workflows. What you need is a way to enhance your vCommander workflows with the advanced functionality of your infrastructure, but in a way that only exposes what you choose to expose.

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

For the farmers in the Frost poem, keeping good neighbors meant keeping the wall mended to control boundaries. But what does it mean for an admin managing a virtual environment? Pretty much the same thing. In place of pathways and stones, you have networks and routers. Instead of livestock, you have applications and VMs.

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Avoid Vendor Lock-in (and Bananas)

There’s a story about an experiment where a group of monkeys had a ladder, at the top of which were some tasty bananas. Whenever a monkey climbed up to get them, sprinklers soaked the whole group with ice-cold water, who understandably became quickly hostile to anyone approaching the ladder. Next, a monkey would be replaced.

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The ROI of Your Cloud Management Platform

As IT organizations move towards adopting a private cloud model, many are trying to quantify the return-on-investment (ROI) of their cloud. The case for moving to a self-service cloud model is largely based on business agility, and most organizations readily admit that this is their primary driver as exhibited by this Gartner survey:

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Cloud Management Software: Faster Provisioning Times

Do your users expect faster provisioning times, and do they complain your response and turnaround time is too slow?

You can quickly and easily configure Embotics® vCommander™ to enable faster provisioning of services to your customers—all while maintaining control by implementing workflows to match your business processes. By enabling your users with the ability to self-provision, it helps maintain customer satisfaction and reduces the risk of users creating rogue IT environments.

You can save time by automating the repetitive process of platform and software provisioning. Most importantly, the organization can provide an environment for agile innovation.

Benefits of our Lab Management solution include the ability to rapidly setup multiple test and development environments, to provision any environment with a click of the mouse, and to reduce test lab capital and operating costs. With Embotics vCommander Cloud Management Platform (CMP) you can empower your users by providing a self-service experience that allows them to scale up and scale down resources where authorized. It’s scalable and robust from the smallest infrastructure to the enterprise-class infrastructure. Embotics vCommander consists of twelve key feature categories. These key features can be configured to target five solutions: Private Cloud Automation, Lab Management, Microsoft Hybrid-IT, Managed Services, and Virtualization Management.

Features include:

  • Self-Service Provisioning
  • VM Lifecycle Management
  • Resource Management, Optimization & Capacity Planning
  • Chargeback & IT Costing
  • Reporting, Analytics & Visualization
  • Inventory, Change & Configuration Management
  • Delegated Administration & Distributed Operations
  • Governance, Tracking & Compliance
  • White Label Branding
  • Service Offerings
  • Snapshot Management
  • Multi-Hypervisor Management
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Battling Cloud Fatigue in 2013

When the “best of” lists come out later this month, it will be interesting to see where the term “cloud” falls among the most overused phrases of the year. There are good reasons for the frequency with which IT pros mentioned the cloud in 2012. There’s a lot of potential for positive business and IT change in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS), but there has also been a lot of hype swirling around the nebulous cloud terminology.

It is all of that hype that could set the stage for cloud fatigue as we move into the New Year. To diagnose cloud fatigue, consider these questions:

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