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Webinar Q&A: New Priorities for Managing Hybrid Cloud, Containers, and DevOps

At the end of each of our webinars, we hold a Q&A session where the audience can ask questions that arose from the webinar content. This blog series highlights some of those questions to expose them to a wider audience.

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Webinar Q&A: Beyond Cloud Automation - Reshaping Your Cloud Strategy

At the end of each of our webinars, we hold a Q&A session where the audience can ask questions that arose from the webinar content. This blog series highlights some of those questions to expose them to a wider audience.

This week the questions come from the webinar, Beyond Cloud Automation - Reshaping Your Cloud Strategy, where Forrester Principal Analyst Dave Bartoletti and Embotics CTO Scott Davis discussed key trends in Hybrid cloud computing, and how they could impact your business strategy.

Topics: Hybrid Cloud Serverless Computing Microservices Containers Cloud Automation Software Cloud Management

Transforming Digital Business with Next-Generation Cloud Management Platforms

Business today is increasingly digital; organizations across a wide range of industries – from financial services to ecommerce – are providing software-based core capabilities and services to customers. And to effectively compete, businesses need to be able to deliver these software features, services and solutions far more rapidly than ever before, while maintaining high quality and preserving a rich user experience.

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Move Over Service-Oriented Architectures: Microservices are in Town

Service oriented architectures (SOAs) have been around since the 1990s, providing an alternative to monolithic applications – essentially collections of coarse grained components that communicated with each other. But, while SOAs used to serve as a revolutionary approach to solving the architectural problems challenging businesses, it’s simply no longer the case in today’s business landscape.

Topics: Microservices Cloud Native Application / Service Delivery

Containers: The First-Class Citizens of CMP 2.0

As many readers in this space are aware, Embotics made a pretty big announcement this summer. We’re ready to declare the death of the old way of managing cloud environments - CMP 1.0 - and move on to building the future cloud management platform – one that is designed for microservices, DevOps and hybrid IT. We’re calling it CMP 2.0, and it’s got everyone at Embotics excited about the future of our company and our industry.

Topics: Containers Microservices DevOps CMP 2.0 Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

Microservices: The Latest Industry Buzz

With the growth in cloud and mobile technologies, there’s a new player in town when it comes to application development: microservices. You’ve probably seen microservices, containers and serverless computing mentioned across the news these past few months – and the reason is not surprising. Microservices architecture has the potential to seriously disrupt the way enterprise IT develops applications in the future.

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Microservices: The Cloud’s Assembly Line

The world of applications is currently undergoing a fundamental shift, and the changes in the landscape are dramatic. DevOps, the cloud, platform-as-a-service and microservices are aggressively speeding up the pace for innovative companies to create, deliver and refine new services.

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Reading the Tea Leaves: Cloud Computing Predictions for 2017

The world of enterprise applications is dramatically changing. Enterprises are continuing to deploy apps faster and more frequently than ever before, with no signs of slowing. And with the cloud wars between AWS, Azure and Google only growing more intense and moving up stack to the PaaS layers – which is a good thing for enterprises – 2017 will be a milestone year for the cloud computing industry.
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Diving Into Microservices

With the explosive growth of the cloud, big data analytics and SaaS-based business applications and services, we’ve seen the underlying application architecture transform. Applications today are no longer limited by the infrastructure they run on. Instead, they can control their fundamental infrastructure technologies, turning them into services to be harnessed on demand and programmatically during application execution. Key to exploiting “Infrastructure as Code”, modern applications are being constructed out of a collection of autonomous, independent building blocks dedicated to a single function each, called Microservices. Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Ebay and Twitter have all publicly embraced this type of approach to building and delivering their services. So why are so many organizations turning to microservices in the cloud era?

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