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Reducing Your AWS Costs Seem Impossible? We’ve Got Good News

Move to the cloud, they said.

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What Capabilities Are Critical for Cloud Management Platforms?

The cloud management industry has undergone a pretty radical shift in recent years. Here at Embotics, we like to think that we’ve taken a leading role in the industry in pushing cloud management platforms forward. You may recall our announcement last year when we launched the first the industry’s first truly next-generation cloud management platform – one built for automation, orchestration and governance of both traditional and new microservice-based applications while facilitating DevOps.

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Customer Spotlight: Peak 10

Peak 10 is a hybrid IT services provider servicing enterprise-class customers. With a focus on enabling customer success, Peak 10 needed a way to allow customers to consume public cloud resources on demand. 

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Aligning IT Infrastructure Automation to Business Goals

If you're undertaking an IT infrastructure automation project, are you considering the scope of the project and desired business outcomes ?
This question may seem obvious, but I’ve seen enough projects derailed to make it a legitimate one.
It’s been my experience that the label of Private Cloud has set an unrealistic expectation for both customers and IT . There's an argument that private cloud should resemble public cloud in form and features

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The Growing Footprint of Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise cloud consumption is changing. There’s an unfortunate reality in most enterprises, where IT budgets are flat - but at the same time, IT teams are being asked to do more. The classic “do more with less” conundrum means that IT teams are turning to strategies - more VMs, more instances of public cloud use, and the consumption of more types of clouds and cloud services, for example - to accomplish this.

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No Reservations? That’s Going to Cost You.

With the release of vCommander 6.0.2, Administrators who already cut their Amazon Web Services (AWS) spend using rightsizing recommendations for instance types, can now further maximize their public cloud budget with Reserved Instance purchase recommendations. For anyone using Amazon Web Services, Reserved Instances (RIs) are one of the most effective ways to control compute costs, allowing you to reserve EC2 computing capacity at significantly discounted rates in exchange for committing to purchase the instances offer a fixed period of time. Compared with on-demand instance pricing, reserved instances can offer up to 75% lower costs.

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Overcoming Common Cloud Objections: Part 1

From increased efficiency and cost savings to workload scalability and speed, cloud computing is becoming a business imperative and the de facto computing method for companies of all shapes and sizes. In fact, Comptia's latest Trends in Cloud Computing report reveals that 90 percent of companies currently leverage cloud computing in some way, while IDC estimates total spending on cloud IT infrastructure alone to increase more than 18% in 2017 to reach $44.2 billion.

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Chargeback & Showback - What's your Motivation?

When looking at doing Chargeback or Showback, people have different motivations and goals they wish to accomplish. Whether it is recovering costs, naming and shaming (also known as "Shameback"), or justifying the relevance of your IT department. But really whatever the reason, the truth is that you want to, in some way, change the way in which people are consuming the resources, and to make others aware of the costs involved in providing the services.

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Cloud Myths and Realities

Businesses are moving workloads to the cloud to enable new processes and unlock new value, promoting process efficiency, collaboration, and insight. Moving to public clouds can not only provide significant financial and time savings but also allows you to redirect resources to focus on new projects that service your customers and grows your business.

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Controlling Public Cloud Costs, Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts about controlling public cloud costs.

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