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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

Websites & Powerpoint vs Reality

We are in an age of generic websites that try to appeal to everyone; Over-used buzzwords like cloud that vendors have to use and also get chastised for using; Webinars and presentations that talk in generalities, which leave you with more questions than answers. At some point you need to show your cards and lay them down on the table. This is what customers want and should be demanding! Your potential customers need to know the truth in what you do, what you could do and what you don’t do.

At Embotics we pride ourselves on putting our technology first and laying our cards on the table. There are things we do and things we don’t do. You can’t be good at everything and we realize that. We focus on being really good at what we do: building and supporting software that provides a single pane of glass to manage your virtual data center.

We give you the option to test it for yourself.

Download our 30-day evaluation which is fully featured and supported. Then point it at your vCenter(s). The best part is that we designed our software to be easy to install and unobtrusive. In 15 minutes you can be up and running. We won’t install any agents, drivers, VMs into your virtual environment.

I invite you to kick the tires and try it out in your own environment and make your private cloud dreams a reality.

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