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How to Manage Infrastructure Access with a Cloud Management Platform

In many organizations, IT is in the difficult position of having to adhere to corporate policies of controlling cloud service usage, while allowing end-users to have the flexibility they need to work effectively with their VMs. Implementing self-service provisioning capabilities removes much of the need for repetitive, high-maintenance, hands-on IT provisioning and frees up IT resources for more essential projects.

Topics: User Controls Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Self-Service Provisioning Cloud Management infrastructure access

Regaining Control Over Self-Service Provisioning: Part 1

Organizations have shifted from using virtual data centers to creating private or hybrid IaaS clouds that allow authorized users to perform self-service provisioning of virtual machines. While these environments provide a better end-user experience and reduce administrative workloads, they are not without their challenges. As virtualized environments increase in scale, management techniques often become far less effective, making it difficult to keep track of virtual machines, their owners and why the virtual machines were created in the first place.

Topics: User Controls Self-Service Provisioning