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Embotics Cloud Management Blog

A Checklist for Mapping your Cloud Management Implementation

Cloud management is a critical business operation, but few organizations have the time or expertise to build a cloud management program that meets not only today’s needs, but the rapidly changing needs of tomorrow.

Topics: Service Catalog Self-Service Provisioning Workflow Cloud Management lifecycle management

Webinar Q&A: Cloud Management - Proof of Concept Made Easy

At the end of each of our webinars, we hold a Q&A session where the audience can ask questions that arose from the webinar content. This blog series highlights some of those questions to expose them to a wider audience.

This week the questions come from the webinar, Cloud Management - Proof of Concept Made Easy, where large scale virtualization expert and VMware vExpert Stuart Burns, and Embotics’ Lead Solutions Architect, Colin Jack gave their perspective on implementing a functional day-one proof of concept (PoC) for a cloud management platform using Embotics vCommander.

Topics: Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Webinar Workflow POC Proof of Concept Q&A quotas

Customer Spotlight: Leading Global Law Firm

The IT team needed to support business growth

Focused on providing clients with the highest quality advice on their most critical legal and business needs, this law firm needed a solution which would enable the IT team to be more responsive to business needs and support business growth.

Topics: Use cases Reporting Self-Service Provisioning Case Study Workflow

Customer Spotlight: Computer Security Software Company

One of the challenges that the Corporate Training department of this computer security software company faced was the ability to rapidly provision systems for students each week for the multiple courses that were taking place across several different time zones. Once a service ticket was created for a particular course, IT provisioned everything manually which, given their workload, led to increased wait times for the systems to be provisioned.

Topics: Self-Service Provisioning Case Study Workflow