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Transforming Digital Business with Next-Generation Cloud Management Platforms

TNext-Generation Cloud Management PlatformsBusiness today is increasingly digital; organizations across a wide range of industries – from financial services to ecommerce – are providing software-based core capabilities and services to customers. And to effectively compete, businesses need to be able to deliver these software features, services and solutions far more rapidly than ever before, while maintaining high quality and preserving a rich user experience.

However, these software applications, based on building block technologies – microservices, containers, serverless computing and PaaS – along with DevOps methodologies, are comprised of many moving parts and components to manage. This means traditional cloud management platforms (CMPs), which were designed for managing legacy applications and focused on a subset of virtual machine (VM) and infrastructure-centric capabilities, are falling short of today’s business needs to deliver functionality and services as quickly as possible.

Enterprises today want the benefits promised by true multi-cloud technology, including the ability to manage their applications and infrastructure, spanning public, private and hybrid clouds, as well as help with selecting the right platform for any given application.

Enter CMP 2.0.

CMP 2.0 solutions take the benefits of traditional CMPs – such as provisioning automation, workflow orchestration, self-service, cloud governance, single pane of glass visibility, capacity rightsizing and cost management – while also reducing the friction and complexity associated with microservices, containers, serverless applications and the adoption of agile DevOps methodologies.

By leveraging CMP 2.0 technology, enterprises will successfully be able to support both existing application infrastructures and the changing needs of next-generation applications.

To learn more about the next generation of cloud management platforms and how Embotics CMP 2.0 can help enable your high-speed business transformation, download our latest whitepaper “Next Generation Cloud Management Platforms: Transforming Digital Business with CMP 2.0” today.

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