This week I’m back with another sneak preview of a great new feature coming in vCommander 5.6: a multi-tenant media library. This improves upon current functionality, which lets vCommander and Service Portal users mount media from the host’s physical drives or datastores, but all ISO/FLP files are globally available. Let’s take a look.


The Media Library page is found under the Configuration menu. From here you can add new media folders, and modify or delete existing ones. If there are any problems with the media folder, for example its datastores not being available, an alert status will appear in the Issues column.

Creating media libraries couldn’t be simpler. After clicking Add, provide a name and description, choose whether the library will be globally available or assigned to specific organizations, then choose the datastore and folder location. The location you choose will either already contain the ISO / FLP files you’re making available in the library, or will be where your users will upload their own.

That’s right – users with appropriate permissions can upload their own media. There are three Service Portal permissions that can be added to roles:

Connect/Disconnect Media still works the same way. Users with this permission are able to connect or disconnect ISOs and FLPs to their VMs. The only difference is that now the files available are determined by which media libraries they have access to use.

Manage Organization Media is new, and determines whether or not a user is allowed to upload and delete files within media libraries available to their organization.

Manage Global Media is also new, and determines whether or not a user is allowed to upload and delete files within globally-available media libraries.

To upload files, Service Portal users with permission to do so choose Media Management under the Views menu, and click Manage Files. This opens a Media Manager in a separate window. Files already available are listed at the top, and recently uploaded files and those that are queued appear below. Click Upload File to start a new upload, and choose an ISO or FLP. While the file is uploading, the Media Manager window must stay open. Files are first uploaded to the vCommander server:


Prior to the upload being completed, users can cancel or pause their own uploads. If a network issue interrupts the process, it can be resumed later by choosing to upload the same file.

Next, the file is copied to the media library location as a vCommander task:


Files can also be deleted by users with permission. Users may need to do this as part of quota management, because for media libraries are located on storage tiers where quotas apply, the space consumed by the uploaded files will count toward organization quotas.

Keep an eye out for more news about Embotics© vCommander™ 5.6, and if you’re not already being notified when new releases are available for download, send a quick email to letting us know to do so.