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vCommander 7 Brings Hybrid Cloud Management to the Next Level

The way enterprises do business is changing. With the emergence of microservices, companies are able to bring innovative products to market faster and more cost effectively than ever before. Cloud services have evolved from back-end services used to support the business to critical components of enterprise strategy to create differentiation and drive the business forward. Businesses today need to deliver features, solutions and services more rapidly than ever before.

 vCommander_Logo_RGBThis has brought a new and unprecedented level of complexity to cloud management. The old way of managing complex cloud environments - focused on IT efficiency and control - are simply unable to support the evolving needs of businesses in the era of DevOps, microservices and containers. This has led to a lot of friction between traditional IT shops and developers, and a never-ending search for the middle ground between the control demanded by IT and the speed and agility required by developers. That’s where Embotics comes in.

Here at Embotics, we have been laser focused for the past year on creating a new kind of hybrid cloud management platform; one that enables the speed and agility today’s developers need to propel their business forward without sacrificing governance and control. We’re proud to announce the availability of the first hybrid cloud management platform to accomplish that: vCommander 7, the only next-generation cloud management software built for automation, orchestration, and governance of both traditional and new microservice-based applications while facilitating DevOps.

Key capabilities of the new vCommander platform include:

  • Support for Kubernetes Container Management: vCommander’s real-time inventory and workflow orchestration feature enables organizations to easily provision, clone and manage Kubernetes clusters. 
  • DevOps and Workflow Orchestration: vCommander v7 provides a wide range of DevOps and Workflow enhancements to assist automation needs and related integration to third-party systems or CI/CD pipelines.
  • Multi-Cloud Catalog and Intelligent Placement: This release introduces a canonical-form, multi-cloud catalog along with several Intelligent Placement features and policies, ensuring workloads are provisioned to the optimal cloud based on business priorities including resource consumption, cost, placement attributes and per-destination quotas.
  • Cloud Expense Management: vCommander now provides significant additional depth in both private and public cloud cost visibility, providing the data users require to make informed cloud cost decisions and provides a new cost analytics dashboard for both cloud administrators and delegated business unit users.
  • Cost Optimization and Cloud Governance: Leverage cost visibility and provide immediate and ongoing savings in a controlled fashion with vCommander’s enhanced policy automation and analytics. vCommander now provides automated rightsizing, executing on its recommendations and providing controlled remediation. 

 If you’re interested in learning more about vCommander 7, visit our solutions page. Of course, we always encourage you to download a free trial or contact us for a demo.

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