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What Capabilities Are Critical for Cloud Management Platforms?

checklistThe cloud management industry has undergone a pretty radical shift in recent years. Here at Embotics, we like to think that we’ve taken a leading role in the industry in pushing cloud management platforms forward. You may recall our announcement last year when we launched the first the industry’s first truly next-generation cloud management platform – one built for automation, orchestration and governance of both traditional and new microservice-based applications while facilitating DevOps.

When an industry is in the middle of a transformation like ours is, it can be a real challenge to enterprises that are trying to understand the best way bridge their existing infrastructure and cloud management strategies with the requirements of the future. That’s why we were so excited earlier this year to participate in an industry report from the analyst firm Gartner that can help enterprises better understand what they need to look for in a cloud management platform.

Have you ever wondered what the critical capabilities are for CMPs? We can give you a little bit of a sneak peek in this blog, but if you answered yes to the question, I’d recommend you download the report. Gartner has developed the most extensive list of requirements that serve as critical capabilities for Cloud Management Platforms. Unless you are a Gartner subscriber, the only place to get it is here. 

The report, “Critical Capabilities for Cloud Management Platforms,”[1] takes a close look at the seven primary categories of critical capabilities for cloud management platforms, which include: provisioning & orchestration; inventory & classification; service requests; monitoring & analytics; cost management & resource optimization; cloud migration, disaster recovery (DR) & backup’ and identity, security and compliance.

The report looks at a number of vendors in the CMP space and how they measure up across the critical capabilities and finds that “Embotics’ product is well-suited to large-enterprise organizations, particularly those with a current and likely future mix of both public cloud and large, virtualized on-premises infrastructure resources to manage.”

If you’re interested in reading the full report, it can be downloaded here for a limited time. And if you think your organization is falling short across any of the capabilities, it may be time to get in touch with us for a demo to see how Embotics can help you.

[1] - Gartner, Critical Capabilities for Cloud Management Platforms, January 2019

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