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What grinds my gears?

Server naming conventions – Are they still relevant?

Gears-300x227.pngServer naming conventions are the hieroglyphics of IT.  I’ve been involved in IT for over 20 years and seen thousands of different naming conventions based on everything from Server OS to DC location, Application, Cost Center, Group, Environment  and even Zipcode.  It’s amazing how much information can be jammed into a 16 character NetBIOS name.  It’s even more amazing if you know how to decipher it.



If I suggested using this logic to manage your music library, you’d look at me like I had two heads. If I presented you with MRBRUPF14FUBODI, could you tell me what it means?  Anyone who knows my music library hieroglyphics could tell you that this is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars released in 2014 in the genre of funk, boogie and disco.

Crystal clear, right?

My point is that naming conventions are a carry-forward from legacy IT and should be scrapped.  Asset management via DNS makes no sense.  We now have systems that track machines with associated metadata which can be used for multiple purposes like chargeback, showback, reporting, rightsizing and lifecycle automation.  Name your machine VM001 or Turtle — it doesn’t matter.  The name is a unique identifier, that’s it. Don’t overload it.

VMMetadata-300x136.pngEmbotics® vCommander™ can make sure your names are unique across private and public cloud. vCommander can also tag machines with your metadata, so you know what its purpose is and who owns it.

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