Release Date: April 17, 2014

Support for HP Helion Public Cloud

This release allows you to integrate your HP Helion Public Cloud environment with your private cloud infrastructure. vCommander allows you to deploy HP Helion Public Cloud images and manage instances.

vCommander is committed to extending its platform neutral support for clouds and hypervisors.

Console Proxy for Secure VM Connections

With the new vCommander Console Proxy, you can now secure your virtualized infrastructure behind a firewall while still permitting your users console access to their VMs. This is especially important for Service Providers and enterprises with data center security restrictions. When you configure the Console Proxy, your users have access to their VMs within a browser, without the need for a direct network connection to the managed system (vCenter or SCVMM).


Quotas are assigned via multi-tenant organization membership to set limits on the compute resources based on resource consumption. In vCommander Release 5.1 this has been enhanced so that you can now configure quotas such that powered-off VMs don’t count in CPU and memory usage calculations. By default, if this option is enabled, organization members cannot power on VMs when doing so would exceed quota. This allows for greater flexibility for self-service users.

Workflow Automation

vCommander Release 5.1 has added a number of new powerful workflow and self-service capabilities.

Specific to the provisioning process, these steps allow you to automate configuration of a requested VM and the Guest OS:


You run programs in the Guest to install software, assign networking settings at provisioning or decommissioning, join to an Active Directory domain, or run customization specs.

If you use BlueCatTM IPAM, you can directly integrate BlueCatTM with vCommander so that you can create host records or DHCP reservations.

You can now centrally manage all of your Guest OS credentials specifically for workflow automation. This centralized management allows you to use these credentials securely when running scripts or connecting to the guest OS, as part of fulfilling provisioning and change requests

Reporting and Analytics
In addition to the public clouds supported by vCommander, you can now compare costs on the following public clouds:

  • Google Compute Engine
  • IBM Softlayer
  • Rackspace
  • Microsoft Azure

You can also compare public cloud vendors’ on-demand pricing with their discounted, yearly term pricing. All public cloud costs are estimates and are intended for planning purposes only, in order to help you in determining current and future workload placement.