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What's the Future of Private Cloud?

It depends on your past and present!

Recently, the Private Cloud group on LinkedIn discussed this weighty question: what’s the future of private cloud? Some said we’ll see a total cloud takeover of business computing – with the bulk going to the public cloud. Others noted that the term “private cloud” is just another way of talking about a new enterprise application platform. And there were those who said the only thing holding back the progress of public, private and hybrid clouds are the people who can’t quite keep up with the amount of data coming in.

It was an interesting discussion. Here’s our take on the question: there is a misconception in the market that the private cloud is a step toward the public version. That might be the case for certain workloads, but it’s not true in general. Organizations have numerous, valid reasons for wanting to retain some applications and workloads on premise. For that reason, the future of the cloud will be one that includes hybrid options.

We agree that people and processes are the stumbling blocks in front of private cloud adoption – not technology. That’s why it’s so important that businesses evaluate their cloud readiness and infrastructure maturity before they determine what their own cloud futures should be. Before they take one step forward on the journey to the private cloud, IT teams should:

  • Streamline processes;
  • Reduce waste;
  • Apply meaningful cost models as shown below; and
  • Establish effective lifecycle management.

Some might decide it’s faster to just jump to the public cloud rather than check off these requirements for private cloud deployment. However, public cloud applications will not eradicate these issues, which will eventually drive up costs.

What’s the future of private cloud? The pragmatic answer is that the future is different for every company, and it depends on where each organization sits in the virtualization adoption curve.

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