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…You Might Need to Invest in a Cloud Management Platform

Invest in a Cloud Management PlatformDo you remember the comedian Jeff Foxworthy? Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, he was one of the country’s most inexplicably popular and successful comedians based on his routine, “You Might Be a Redneck.” Essentially, he’d talk about some character traits or activities, and if it sounds like something you’d do, say it with me… “YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK!”

The reason I bring that example up is because I often have a similar thought. In discussions with colleagues, customers and prospects about common pain points, at least once a day I hear that Jeff Foxworthy southern drawl in my head, but with a little twist. The voice inside screams to me, “YOU MIGHT NEED TO INVEST IN A CLOUD MANAGEMENT PLATFORM!”

There are so many challenges that enterprises face today with increasingly complex hybrid environments, and too many times these enterprises operate reactively to deal with them with ad-hoc solutions designed to address symptoms rather than the cause. Coupled with the fact that so many cloud management efforts suffer from duplicate capabilities, non-standard approaches, inefficient processes and the proliferation of shadow IT, what you see is enterprises being exposed to enormous risk and costs while missing out on opportunities to improve their business. If this sounds like your organization, say it with me again: YOU MIGHT NEED TO INVEST IN A CLOUD MANAGEMENT PLATFORM!

Here at Embotics, we have these conversations every day, and we work closely with our customers to address those pain points to ensure the industry’s leading provisioning, orchestration, self-service, cloud governance, and cost optimization capabilities across complex multi-cloud environments. In fact, we hear these problems enough that we put together a handy guide: The 10 Signs That You Should Invest in a Cloud Management Platform.

So please take a look at the paper - you can download it here - and if you find that you’re experiencing some of the problems it addresses, please get in touch with us and Embotics can help.

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