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Your New Year's Cloud Resolution

2017 Cloud ResolutionsIs it really 2017 already? Well with every new year come New Year's resolutions. What might you resolve to do differently this year?

The most common resolution is some variation of "lose weight and get in shape". The number one month for joining a gym is January and the number one month for quitting a gym is February. What if, this year, you resolve to get your cloud in shape?

A common challenge with the cloud is that workloads and applications go into it the cloud and grow. And grow. And grow. And grow… What begins as an easy, inexpensive way to deploy applications quickly grows out of control and becomes increasingly expensive. Your data center in the cloud has the same VM sprawl problem but it is more complex and more expensive. At least in your data center everything was under your control. Now, it's in the cloud…

vCommander from Embotics can help you make your cloud physically and fiscally fit.

Self-Service PortalFirst, connect vCommander to your cloud and it will give you visibility to everything there, even VMs and workloads you did not know about. vCommander can allow you to see workloads across multiple public and private clouds.

Then use vCommander' s reporting. The data generated will tell you how your cloud is running. Which VMs are being used and which are just running and taking up compute cycles and disk space. vCommander will even tell you when a workload is used.

 Cloud Trending Report

So vCommander can tell what is running, how much space it is taking up, and when it is being used and by whom. So, if you have VMs that have become a little fat (or VMs that are running lean) or even VMs that are zombies without any purpose other than to keep on moving and keep on eating up more resources. The reporting in vCommander can tell you all this and more.

In addition to its reporting vCommander is used to automate things. For those VMs that need to grow vCommander can allocate more resources. For those that have become a little portly, vCommander can reclaim them. vCommander can even automatically start and stop VMs so they are not running costing money when they do not need to be.

VM Billing Report

And with the chargeback and show-back reporting capabilities of vCommander you'll have the data to show how you're getting your cloud in shape.

vCommander can be your personal trainer for your cloud. If you haven't installed vCommander yet, go here for a no charge trial.

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