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The Changing Role of IT: From Service Managers to Advisors

The role of IT is transforming within modern organizations. In this eBook, Embotics CTO Jesse Stockall explores how and why IT is transforming through three perspectives:

  • Environmental Factors
  • Skillset and Tool Requirements
  • Automation and Governance Functions

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The current IT landscape has ushered in a new normal - Hybrid IT.

All modern organizations will have some combination of public or multi-cloud, on-prem virtualization, SaaS, colocation, edge, industrial IOT, and bring-your-own-device.

Your company may not have all of these elements, but it's highly likely that it will have a combination of them.

A quote for IT professionals to keep in mind is "The data center is no longer the center of data."

In this eBook, Embotics CTO Jesse Stockall explores how IT professionals should traverse the new hybrid IT landscape to provide value to their organizations. 

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The Changing Role of IT eBook

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