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Cloud-Cost-Optimization-eBook-The rush toward cloud computing was fueled in large part by cost-conscious IT departments. These IT departments saw the cloud as the natural next step for virtualization. They also saw cloud computing as a way to stretch tight budgets, and by the need for IT to provide fully elastic services that can scale in real time.

But cloud computing by no means signals the time for IT to take its eyes off the bottom line. And as cloud computing models proliferate and evolve, it's just as important as ever that technology leaders make informed decisions about which products, services, and payment models deliver the best results.

Public Cloud Costs 

Public clouds are an important part of your hybrid cloud strategy – they’re powerful, scalable, and highly available. They can also be very expensive. It’s possible to get a surprise bill at the end of the month that’s several times more than you planned for. One of the most common concerns is how to track and control public cloud spending.
Sprawl can still be an issue in enterprise data centers, but maturing IT virtualization processes, as well as performance optimization, automation, and rightsizing, allow data center admins to identify and remediate these situations.
In the public cloud, by contrast, sprawl is exacerbated by the fact that an organization’s initial public cloud consumption is seldom managed by IT. Instead, it’s controlled by various lines of business (LOBs) through shadow IT teams that have little or no expertise in IT processes.
This eBook outlines the various ways in which a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and other strategies can help to minimize public cloud costs. Continue reading and learn how you can optimize cloud costs for your enterprise today.

Cloud Cost Management Techniques

  • Rightsizing
  • Power Schedules
  • Lifecycle Policies
  • Cloud Cost Analytics
  • AWS Reserved Instances
  • Rinse and Repeat 

Before vCommander, one of the biggest problems we had was showing people that there was a real cost to the number of systems they were requesting, and the resources that they were using. Virtual Systems Architect Serena Software

- Virtual System Architect, Serena Software
Serena Quote in Cloud Cost Optimization eBook

Cloud Cost Optimization eBook

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