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EMA - Embotics - Top3 - Award

This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) decision guide focuses on how enterprises should manage hybrid cloud, containers, and DevOps to provide their business with an optimal IT environment where innovation can be delivered in the most efficient and effective manner.
This guide is intended help IT influencers and decision makers in their project planning and vendor selection processes. 
Why You Should Read this Research Report
IT and software development decision makers and influencers will learn the following:
  • Ten priorities for efficiently managing hybrid cloud, containers, and DevOps
  • Concrete EMA recommendations for effectively implementing these priorities
  • EMA Top Three Products to optimally implement each recommendation

EMA Top 10 Priorites Report


Download this report to see why EMA chose Embotics vCommander as an innovative product for hybrid cloud cost control that enables customers to address the ten key IT operations priorities in 2017.


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