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About Embotics

Embotics, now a part of Snow Software, is the cloud management company for IT organizations and service providers that need to improve provisioning, enable self-service capabilities, and optimize IT spending. With a relentless focus on delivering a premier user experience and unmatched customer support, Embotics is the fastest and easiest way to automate provisioning, reduce costs, and ensure governance across private/public/hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Commander is an easy-to-use, platform-neutral cloud management platform (CMP) with the fastest time-to-value in the industry—it can be implemented in hours. It allows IT organizations to deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) from a single console while continuously monitoring resources to optimize the automation, deployment, and configuration of IT services across private, public and hybrid clouds. Combined with the Snow platform, organizations are empowered to make smarter decisions with complete visibility and manageability of their technology ecosystem. Commander brings power and simplicity to cloud management – and enables a pragmatic approach to cloud computing that delivers an immediate ROI. Customers include leading enterprises and service providers that require business agility, IT controls, usability, and vendor-agnostic extensive on-premises, private and multi-cloud management capabilities.

The cloud management team is mostly located in Ottawa, Canada, a part of the larger Snow Software network which is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with 15+ offices around the world and a growing network of global partners.

About Snow Software

Snow Software is the global leader in technology intelligence solutions, ensuring the trillions spent on all forms of technology is optimized to drive maximum value. More than 4,000 organizations around the world rely on Snow's platform to provide complete visibility, optimize usage and spend, and minimize regulatory risk. Headquartered in Stockholm, Snow has more local offices and regional support centers than any other software asset and cloud management provider, delivering unparalleled results to our customers and partners. To find out more about Snow Software, visit www.snowsoftware.com.

The world’s leading companies choose Snow Commander for managing their private, public and hybrid cloud environment.