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Snow Cloud Management
Leadership Team


Jay Litkey | Executive Vice President, Cloud Management

A serial entrepreneur with extensive experience launching, financing and growing software companies, Jay Litkey has been a pioneer in emerging high growth markets that include cloud computing, virtualization, systems management automation, and Internet video.

For more than a decade, Jay has been a virtualization evangelist and advocate, focusing on the strategic impacts of virtualization and automation within enterprise data centers. He frequently spends his time serving as a trusted advisor for IT executives and speaking at industry events.

Prior to Embotics, Jay founded Symbium Corp., a venture-funded company focused on autonomic computing and the automated management of IT infrastructure, managing business development and product management. Before Symbium, he was the founding CEO of BlackholeTV, an Internet video content aggregation, and distribution company. Jay started his career at Bell-Northern Research designing automated control systems for the telecommunications industry. He is a golf hack, won a Forty under 40 award, and holds an honors degree in Computer Science from Queen’s University.

Mark Jamensky | Vice President Products, Cloud Management

Mark is a technology leader with 25 years experience delivering innovative solutions to the market, and a proven track record of building successful engineering teams and companies in the software and hardware development fields. With over ten years of driving product strategy for Embotics, Mark is also focused on ensuring new and existing customers have an exceptional experience with the company. This includes continuing to build pre and post-sales Customer Success teams, ensuring a great customer experience while improving operational efficiency and business value.

Prior to joining Embotics, he was VP of Product Development at BTI Photonic Systems, developing a WDM platform engineered for service connectivity at the edge of optical networks. Mark was employed at Nortel Networks, where he developed their Preside Policy Services products, which are now the MetaSolv Policy Services product. He also developed the industry’s first Remote Access SS7 gateway product, the CVX SS7, which is still in market with Aastra Technologies.

Mark holds a Computer Science degree from Concordia University and an MBA from the University of Ottawa.


Jesse Stockall | Chief Architect, Cloud Management

Jesse Stockall is a proven leader with over 20 years of industry experience. He is results-oriented with a track record of delivering value to customers through technical innovation and adaptable, intuitive design. He has significant experience leading agile teams from concept through to delivery and the adoption of software solutions. 

He has spent the past 12 years leading the development of Embotics' award-winning cloud management platform, Commander. Jesse’s passion for modern software development includes active participation in local Agile and DevOps communities.

Prior to joining Embotics, Jesse designed autonomic computing capabilities and management tooling for embedded applications at Symbium. Jesse’s time at CRYPTOCard included work on two-factor authentication and construction of a distributed, multi-platform continuous integration build system. Jesse was an active committer on the open-source Apache Ant build tool and maintained open source projects related to build and code metrics. Jesse gained valuable experience supporting Novell, AS/400s and VAX systems during his time with the Canadian government and Digital Equipment Corp.

Brian Clow | Vice President Engineering, Cloud Management

Brian is an experienced engineering leader who has been building and delivering products over 15 years.  He has served in a variety of roles including development, architecture, and management.  He has been with Embotics since the beginning, growing the team from a few people to the complex engineering organization that backs the company today.

Building high quality, scalable software solutions is something that Brian cares deeply about.  He has been coding since he was a kid and is still passionate about it 30 years later.  He is a champion of efficient, agile processes that support the engineering team.  He continually strives to exceed the expectations of users and has a proven record of delivering high-value releases. 

Prior to Embotics, he worked at Symbium Corporation, where he built an autonomic engine designed to manage IT infrastructure.  While working on his degree, Brian spent 6 years working at Bell Sympatico as one of the original members of its customer-facing technical support team.  Brian obtained his honors degree in Computer Science from Carleton University.


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