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Planning Guide: 5 Steps to IT Infrastructure Management

Learn about resource optimization, lifecycle management, workflow automation, IT cost management and self-service provisioning.


Planning Checklist: How to Implement Automated Provisioning

Learn about automated provisioning and how you can introduce automation into your provisioning process.

Planning Checklist- How to Implement Automated Provisioning

Cloud Manager's Guide: Public Cloud Cost Savings

Discover how you can cut your public cloud bill and optimize your cloud cost optimization strategy.

Download your copy of the cloud manager's guide today.

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eBook: The Changing Role of IT

The role of IT is transforming within modern organizations. Find out how IT professionals can adapt and succeed.

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eBook: The Definitive Guide to Azure Cost Optimization

We’ve spent weeks digging into Azure contracts, calculators and used our years of experience optimizing Azure environments to put together the definitive guide to Azure cost optimization.
Download your copy of the eBook today. 

Cloud Manager's Guide: Taking Control of Public Cloud Consumption

Download the Cloud Manager's Guide - Taking Control of Public Cloud Consumption and learn how you can effectively manage your organization's public cloud environment.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Tips to Reduce AWS Costs

If you haven’t taken a serious look at your cloud costs in the past 3 months, chances are costs have spun out of control.
See how you can start lowering costs today.

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Public Cloud Management - Features & Capabilities

Getting control of public cloud consumption can be like wrestling a ghost: it’s hard to pin down something nebulous. But if you’re in charge of reducing costs without hampering innovation, you’ve got to pin this ghost down. Keep reading.

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Gartner's Critical Capabilities for Cloud Management Platforms

Gartner has developed the most extensive list of requirements that serve as critical capabilities for Cloud Management Platforms. Unless you are a Gartner subscriber, the only place to get it is here. Download your exclusive complimentary report now.



Enterprise Priorities for Hybrid Cloud Managment

Hybrid cloud management market survey by Ponemon Institute reveals key Enterprise IT priorities.



Next Generation Cloud Management Platforms - Transforming Digital Business with CMP 2.0

Learn how the Embotics CMP 2.0 vision is enabling the changing world of next generation applications where containers are first class citizens and the platform is built with Microservices and DevOps in mind.


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CMP 2.0 Vision

Embotics' vision on the next generation of Cloud Management.   


CMP 2.0: Cloud Management for a New Generation of Applications

Scott Davis discusses the next frontier for Cloud Management that includes containers, microservices and cloud native applications. 

EMA Top 3:
Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers, and DevOps in 2017

This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) decision guide focuses on how enterprises should manage hybrid cloud, containers, and DevOps to provide their business with an optimal IT environment where innovation can be delivered in the most efficient and effective manner.

EMA Top Priorites for Hybrid Cloud, Containers and DevOps

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Multi-Cloud Management and Automation in a New Digital World

Learn how automation is key to this revolution and how companies that don’t embrace this new world will be left in the dust.

Cloud Cost Optimization -
Tools and Strategies to Manage Public Cloud Costs

This eBook outlines the various ways in which a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) and other strategies can help to minimize public cloud costs.


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IDC Innvators Report: Multicloud Management 2017

IDC Recognizes Embotics as an innovator with an offering that is carefully optimized for the requirements of widely used private and public cloud environments.

IDC Innovators Report:Multicloud Management 2017

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All Cloud (no fluff) -
Success Stories in Cloud Automation

An anthology of case studies showing how customers have leveraged Embotics vCommander to combat today’s ever-evolving IT infrastructure challenges.


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Embotics and Zerto Virtual Replication Integration

Single-pane-of-glass management for automated provisioning with ZVR disaster recovery protection

Zerto and Embotics Datasheet

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Cloud Automation: A System Administrators Guide

Despite the importance of IT in strategic and tactical operations, many IT departments are so overrun with requests that doing things in a reactive and ad hoc fashion becomes the norm. This eBook provides you with a template for success.


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A New Business Imperative: Analysis by 451 Research

A new survey carried out by 451 Research shows that a cloud management platform (CMP) is becoming a business imperative not an option as the use of hybrid cloud increases.


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vCommander Solution Sheet

Embotics vCommander™ is the fastest way to deploy and automate provisioning and enable self-service IT across virtualized, private and public cloud infrastructures while optimizing costs and resources.


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Thinking Beyond the VM: Automation and Workflows

This whitepaper discusses the business case for automation and the tools you can use to avoid wasted resources and to reduce costs.


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 Moving to Self-Service Cloud Provisioning

See how easy it can be to implement automation into your virtual environment, and understand the business case to do so.


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Regaining Control Over Self-Service Provisioning

This whitepaper discusses the economics of self-service provisioning, and the steps it takes to regain control of your environment.


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Embotics & ServiceNow: A Seamless Integration

Embotics & ServiceNow introduces new capabilities for bi-directional integration between vCommander and
the IT Service Management (ITSM) platform.


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Cloud Myths and Realities:
The Truth About Moving to the Cloud

Learn some of the myths surrounding the various cloud platforms, helping you to avoid the major pitfalls and prepare your IT organization for migration to a cloud infrastructure.


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Everything Your Boss Needs to Know About Chargeback/Showback

Chargeback can place IT in a strategic position that builds financial transparency and a business-value focused environment. Here’s what you need to know about chargeback and showback.


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10 Signs that you Should Invest in a Cloud Management Platform

Here are the top ten signs that show you’re ready to start investing in a Cloud Management Platform to get your IT strategy and program back on track.


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The Pragmatic Path to Private Cloud Management

This whitepaper looks at the natural evolution of  virtualization adoption and outlines the most common challenges in building and managing a private cloud.


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Top Strategies for Multi-Cloud Management

With the advent of server virtualization technologies, the concept of “hybrid IT” has moved beyond the realm of vision and into the realm of day-to-day operations.


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vCommander Datasheet

Enhanced Visibility, Speed, and Control for Cloud Operations. Read the vCommander product brochure to learn more.


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vCommander for
Service Providers

Grow Revenue, Increase Profit Margin, and Improve Performance with Cloud Automation.


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vCommander for
Lab Automation

vCommander empowers businesses to deliver new or updated applications rapidly and with greater agility.

vCommander Lab Automation Brochure

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Service Provider Critical Success Factors

It is now more important than ever for service providers to revisit their cloud and related service offerings and to see how software tools and systems can help.


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Your #1 vCD Alternative

In the last five years VMware have discontinued Lab Manager, and now vCloud Director (vCD). Do you really want to take another chance with VMware and go with vRealize Automation (vRA)?


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Your #1 vRA/vCAC Alternative

Avoid vendor lock-in. Retain your freedom of choice to manage “any hypervisor, any cloud” in your data center and externally — from a single console.


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2016 Hybrid Cloud Management Product Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes vCommander's Deep Management and Orchestration Capabilities

Product Leadership Award

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451 Research Paper - Hybrid multi-cloud architecture, and the vendors aiming to enable and manage it.

The paper looks into the new approaches needed to manage hybrid multi-cloud cloud infrastructures.

451 Research

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