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Embotics vision - CMP 2.0

CMP 2.0: A New Generation of Cloud Mangement
Built for Microservices, DevOps, and Hybrid IT


Traditional cloud management platforms (CMPs) manage IaaS or virtual infrastructure. But infrastructure exists to run applications. In a microservices world, whether on premise or in the cloud, it’s less and less visible – compute, storage and network are delivered as a service to applications at the behest of APIs referred to as “Infrastructure as Code.”

At Embotics, our goal is to eliminate the roadblocks to adoption of these technologies and make them easier to use and more manageable, while providing governance. That’s why we’re focused on building the future cloud management platform – one that is designed for microservices, DevOps and hybrid IT. At Embotics, we call this CMP 2.0.

We are making containers a first-class citizen with our CMP 2.0 initiative. This means that containers, container clusters, and even entire microservices-based applications are represented in the cloud management platform’s service catalog as a top-level object that can be provisioned as a single entity. Historically, CMPs have dealt with infrastructure-as-a-service for managing VMs. Making containers first class citizens is about going up a level and making the application the lynch-pin of what you are deploying through your service catalog."  - Scott Davis, Embotics CTO and EVP of Engineering


CMP 2.0 Overview

EMA Webinar: CMP 2.0  


The Story Behind CMP 2.0