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At Embotics, we're building a cloud management platform designed
for microservices, DevOps, and hybrid IT.

The Future of Cloud Management Platforms

We're making containers a first-class citizen with our CMP 2.0 initiative. This means that containers, container clusters, and even entire microservices-based applications are represented in the cloud management platform’s service catalog as a top-level object that can be provisioned as a single entity.

Historically, CMPs have dealt with infrastructure-as-a-service for managing VMs. Making containers first class citizens is about going up a level and making the application the lynch-pin of what you are deploying through your service catalog.

Scott Davis on Future Cloud Management Platforms
Scott Davis
EVP of Engineering & CTO

The Evolution of Cloud Management Platforms

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The Evolution of Cloud Management Platforms

Cloud services are evolving. They're no longer a back-office service. Now, cloud services are the business. And with development in microservices and containers, management is the new challenge.
So, what's the solution in this new world? The answer: cloud automation and orchestration. But current cloud management approaches lack consistency and automation abilities. They're focused on IT efficiency and control. Taking away agility needed to match the self-service experience or public clouds. What the enterprise needs today are true multi-cloud benefits.
This means the ability to manage applications and infrastructure across cloud environments, along with guidance for application platform selection. This includes:

  • Provisioning
  • Automation
  • Orchestration
  • Governance
  • Resource optimization
  • Cost Control
At Embotics, we're focused on building this future cloud management platform.

New Priorities for Managing Hybrid Cloud, Containers, and DevOps

The hybrid cloud is here to stay, and as enterprises embrace this change, they need to be prepared to morph from an infrastructure-based, software-defined data center focus for their traditional applications and workloads to a world where they must also embrace cloud-scale microservices-based applications built and deployed using DevOps methodology.
Hybrid clouds now require software that is built for automation, orchestration, and policy-based governance applied to both legacy and new microservices-based applications while facilitating DevOps processes and maintaining the associated delivery speed, high quality, and rich user experience.

New Priorities for Cloud Management Platforms

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vCommander is the cloud management software that offers the fastest time to value and is ready to deploy without changes to the existing architecture.

Installation and configuration is also quick and easy. There are no agents to install and deploy, just begin by downloading vCommander and pointing it at VMware vCenter, Microsoft Hyper-V, AWS, or Azure and start turning up self-service right away.

Portal login Monitor for Embotics vCommander Cloud Management Platform

 vCommander Cloud Management Platform Features:

Enhanced Waste Identification Capabilities: vCommander helps organizations better identify network waste by streamlining collaboration between different stakeholders and implementing changes through automated action.

Cloud Governance and Cost Optimization: This includes AWS Reserved Instance purchase recommendations; policy-based AWS tag enforcement to ensure public cloud instances are properly tracked; power scheduling recommendations for VMs and instances based on custom attributes, and more...

Updated User Experience: vCommander provides a fully updated and modern self-service user experience, and adds support for Azure ARM template deployments, furthering vCommander’s capabilities to support infrastructure-as-code and modern application deployment methods.

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