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Cloud Management - Proof of Concept Made Easy

The right cloud management software should provide self-service provisioning automation to reduce the load on IT and seamlessly integrate into IT’s daily activities. It shouldn't require weeks or months to turn up and configure and become an overhead burden that requires lengthy professional service engagements.

vCommander PortalJoin large scale virtualization expert and VMware vExpert Stuart Burns as he gives a 3rd party perspective on how to setup a functional day-one cloud PoC within a couple of hours using Embotics vCommander.

Stuart will be joined by Embotics’ Lead Solutions Architect, Colin Jack as they show how to:

  • Collectively define goals, inputs, objectives, scope, and success criteria
  • Create POC-specific use cases for required functionalities
  • Install and configure the required infrastructure and software
  • Create test design for use cases and define positive/negative test scenarios
  • Review and validate the Cloud PoC results with all stakeholders

If you're like most IT leaders today, and face a growing set of challenges related to managing an evolving IT infrastructure, and delivering IT-as-a-Serivice (ITaaS), then this Cloud PoC webinar is for you.

Watch the replay of this event.


Topics: Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Webinar vCommander Cloud Automation Software POC Proof of Concept