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Webinar: Practical Ways to Improve Hybrid Cloud Governance and Optimize Costs

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Are you struggling to understand how your IT organization will manage its new role as a service provider and broker? When running a hybrid IT architecture, some workloads stay on-premises (private) while others run in the external (public) cloud. But the management and integration of these different infrastructures can become a mixed bag where multiple tools can lead to inefficiencies and be prone to increased costs.

In this webinar, Embotics’ Mark Jamensky, EVP of Products and Colin Jack, Lead Solutions Architect will discuss the best practices to improve your cloud governance and reduce your public cloud costs and private infrastructure costs, and demonstrate practical ways to implement them including:

  • Reserved Instance purchase recommendations to gain economies of scale
  • Policy-based AWS tag enforcement to ensure public cloud instances are properly tracked
  • Power scheduling recommendations to ensure you don’t pay for inactive resources
  • Consolidated cost visibility across an enterprise’s private and public cloud consumption
  • Provide real private/public cloud cost comparisons, so that you can determine where workloads are best suited to run
  • Automated lifecycle decommissioning processes for short-term instances

If you're like most IT leaders today, and face a growing set of challenges related to managing an evolving IT infrastructure, and delivering IT-as-a-Serivice (ITaaS), this webinar is for you.

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