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Full Stack Infrastructure Management (On-Prem & Public Cloud)

The world’s best IT teams are not necessarily smarter or more skilled. Often they just have better tools and processes. What if you could free up 40% of your time, save 30% on infrastructure and fulfill service requests 100x faster? 

Standardization is one of the keys to full stack infrastructure management. Guardrails for users, easier approvals and provisioning for you and analytics to help you know where to focus.

Join us for another great IT management webinar where we cover:

  • Standardizing user requests with APIs, customizable forms or a preconfigured catalog
  • Using integrations & workflows to tie together tools & processes
  • Provisioning the full stack 100x faster from resources to apps install to config and data load
  • Building complete workflows for Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible & more to simplify DevOps & CI/CD
  • Leveraging analytics & reports to gain insight into cost savings, governance and further process improvements
  • Simplifying DevOps & CI/CD

Watch the webinar today. 

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The world’s leading companies choose Embotics Commander for managing their private, public and hybrid cloud environment.