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Embotics Media Coverage

Embotics CTO Scott Davis Shares Predictions for 2018 DevOps Teams and Tools | DEVOPSdigest

In a 4-part 2018 prediction series, DevOps experts offered predictions on how DevOps and related technologies will evolve and impact business in 2018 .
Embotics CTO, Scott Davis was featured in the predicition series with his thoughts on DevOps tools and teams.
Topics: DevOps

CTO Scott Davis Featured in DEVOPSdigest

DEVOPSdigest is an industry-wide blog covering DevOps and related technologies. The online publication recently featured Embotics EVP of Engineering & Chief Technology Officer Scott Davis' insights on the best way to foster collaboration between Dev and Ops.

Topics: Best Practices DevOps

Embotics CTO Scott Davis' Perspective on Microservices Featured in @DevOpsJournal Summit

Embotics CTO Scott Davis was recently featured in @DevOpsSummit Journal (part of Cloud Computing Journal) Cloud Computing Journal features the top news stories of the day in the field of cloud computing, and Embotics EVP of Engineering & CTO Scott Davis has been featured with a contributed article "Evolving Past SOA and Embracing Microservices"

Topics: Microservices DevOps Cloud Native

Data Center Knowledge features Industry Perspective by Embotics CTO Scott Davis

Industry Perspectives is an editorial content channel at Data Center Knowledge, highlighting thought leadership in the data center arena, and Embotics EVP of Engineering & Chief Technology Officer for Embotics Scott Davis has been featured with a contributed article “The App Architecture Revolution: Microservices, Containers and Automation”

Topics: Cloud Automation Software Microservices Containers

Forbes: Why A Former VMware CTO Is Joining Cloud Startup Embotics: 'VMware Is In A Tough Place'

Scott Davis spent seven years at VMware VMW -0.30% as its chief technology officer for end user computing. As he joins an emerging competitor, he says VMware’s cloud strategy is on course for more choppy waters.

“They’re trying to create buzz in different areas, but VMware has changed its cloud strategy constantly,” Davis says. “They’ve made many pivots.”

The problem for VMware, Davis argues, is that VMware reached the scale at which it needs to push a small number of large-scale, bottom-line moving products. But major customers using VMware today aren’t using it primarily in the area in which VMware and its competitors see the most growth, the cloud. Instead VMware’s virtualization tools still often operate in on-premise architectures. “The trends they developed seeded the cloud revolution, but they made a lot of missteps in the cloud. Now they need big solutions to be able to sell, but they have to maintain relevance, too.”

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Topics: Cloud Management Platform (CMP)