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Embotics Media Coverage

Embotics CTO Scott Davis' Perspective on Microservices Featured in @DevOpsJournal Summit

Embotics CTO Scott Davis was recently featured in @DevOpsSummit Journal (part of Cloud Computing Journal)Cloud Computing Journal features the top news stories of the day in the field of cloud computing, and Embotics EVP of Engineering & CTO Scott Davis has been featured with a contributed article "Evolving Past SOA and Embracing Microservices"

In the feature, Scott discusses how fast growing organizations looking to meet customer demand need to move beyond SOA. Which means shifting gears toward Cloud Native/Microservices architecture coupled with DevOps methodology and automation technologies.
Read Scott's full post on how microservices, which are revolutionizing application design and development for enterprise IT.
Topics: Microservices DevOps Cloud Native