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Embotics Media Coverage

DevOps Digest - Lagging DevOps and Microservices Enablement Costs $34 Million Per Year

Embotics CMO Dan Murphy examines the results of our recent research with the Ponemon Institute. Despite the vast majority of cloud management decision-makers believing that DevOps and microservice enablement are important, very few believe that their organizations are capable of delivering them today — a gap that is costing the average enterprise $34 million per year.

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Topics: Hybrid Cloud DevOps

Computer Technology Review - Embotics vCommander 7 Improves Integrated Cloud Governance Capabilities While Boosting Speed Required by DevOps Teams

Embotics vCommander v7 delivers next-generation hybrid cloud management software built for automation, orchestration and governance of both traditional and new microservice-based applications while facilitating DevOps. Read about it in CTR here -> http://wwpi.com/2018/06/13/embotics-vcommander-v7-improves-integrated-cloud-governance-capabilities-while-boosting-speed-required-by-devops-teams/ 

Topics: Hybrid Cloud Embotics DevOps Cloud Management

Embotics CTO Scott Davis Shares Predictions for 2018 DevOps Teams and Tools | DEVOPSdigest

In a 4-part 2018 prediction series, DevOps experts offered predictions on how DevOps and related technologies will evolve and impact business in 2018 .
Embotics CTO, Scott Davis was featured in the predicition series with his thoughts on DevOps tools and teams.
Topics: DevOps

CTO Scott Davis Featured in DEVOPSdigest

DEVOPSdigest is an industry-wide blog covering DevOps and related technologies. The online publication recently featured Embotics EVP of Engineering & Chief Technology Officer Scott Davis' insights on the best way to foster collaboration between Dev and Ops.

Topics: Best Practices DevOps

Embotics CTO Scott Davis' Perspective on Microservices Featured in @DevOpsJournal Summit

Embotics CTO Scott Davis was recently featured in @DevOpsSummit Journal (part of Cloud Computing Journal) Cloud Computing Journal features the top news stories of the day in the field of cloud computing, and Embotics EVP of Engineering & CTO Scott Davis has been featured with a contributed article "Evolving Past SOA and Embracing Microservices"

Topics: Microservices DevOps Cloud Native