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Embotics Media Coverage

Solutions Review Features Embotics Sponsored Market Survey

Solutions Review features the Embotics sponsored Market Survey: Enterprise Priorities for Hybrid Cloud Management, with a focus on managed survey providers.

The piece looks at how managed service providers eliminate the complex headaches that come with cloud infrastructures, and mentions a few of the key findings from the market survey: 

A study by Embotics and Ponemon Insitute found 60% to 70% of survey respondents had trouble managing these issues. Additionally, the study found 70% to 80% recognize the value of DevOps or containers, but only 33% were able to deliver DevOps enablement. Managed service providers eliminate these issues with a personalized approach. 

The full article can be found online here: https://solutionsreview.com/cloud-platforms/enterprise-managed-service-provider/

Topics: Service Providers Hybrid Cloud Management