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IDC Recognizes Multi-Cloud Management Leaders in IDC Innovators ReportEmbotics®, the cloud automation company has been named an “IDC Innovator” in the leading analyst firm’s report, “IDC Innovators: Multi-cloud Management, 2017".

IDC Innovators Report: Multi-cloud Management Report 2017

IDC Innovators reports present a set of vendors – under $100M in revenue at time of selection – chosen by an IDC analyst within a specific market that offer an innovative new technology, a groundbreaking approach to an existing issue, and/or an interesting new business model.

Read the multi-cloud management report to discover why Mary Johnston Turner, Research Vice President, Enterprise System Management Software chose Embotics as an IDC Innovator, and why she believes that:

  • Over 90% of enterprise-scale organizations plan to make use of multiple clouds in the next several years.

  • Traditional management tools and processes struggle to keep up with the levels of dynamic infrastructure scaling, pooling, and change that are the hallmark of multi-cloud IT operations.

  • Over 80% of enterprises will need to purchase net new management solutions to address their multi-cloud management priorities over the next several years.

Download this report to see why IDC chose Embotics as an innovator with an offering that is a streamlined, easy to install cloud provisioning and rightsizing platform that is carefully optimized for the requirements of widely used private and public cloud environments.

Download the Multi-Cloud Management Report

The world's leading companies choose Embotics vCommander for managing their private, public and hybrid cloud environments. 
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