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Webcast: Linking App Development to Hybrid Cloud Ops

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According to Gartner research, application developers continue to be the primary end users for enterprise cloud deployments. Often IT processes involved with DevOps enablement are less than optimized. The ability to rapidly and automatically provision infrastructure and application environments is key to providing organizations the development speed and agility they seek.

Best practices discussed on this webinar:

  • Optimizing Dev & IT Ops integration for hybrid cloud environments
  • Continuous configuration automation & provisioning
  • Enabling self-service IT catalogs

Watch it online:

This 1 hour event features an in-depth review of best practices and leading technology integration between Embotics and Chef to enhance development and IT capabilities related to automation, operation, and IT business management.

Who should attend:

  • Development and DevOps Engineers
  • IT Systems Engineers & Architects
  • IT Managers and Execs

> View the Recording

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