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Embotics News

Embotics featured by 451 Research

451 Research just released a paper on Hybrid multi-cloud architecture, and the vendors aiming to enable and manage it.

Written by Carl Lehmann, Research Manager for Enterprise Architecture, Integration & Business Process Management, the paper looks into the new approaches needed to manage hybrid multi-cloud cloud infrastructures as  workloads, data and processes shift across multiple on-premises, hosted, private and public cloud services.

Key findings in the report include:

  • The tools and technologies needed to craft and manage hybrid multi-clouds as part of IT architecture are fragmented.
  • Enterprises will demand that IT vendors craft a holistic platform to allocate workloads
    strategically to the best execution venue.
  • Highly valued vendors will be those that embrace the opportunity, and can assure economic advantage and business continuity.

The report features an updated reference architecture that now considers DevOps, software-defined networks (SDN) and content-delivery networks, and illustrates the capabilities needed to craft and manage hybrid multi-clouds.

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