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Credit Acceptance Corp. Enables DevOps to Move Faster

Integral to the success of Credit Acceptance Corporation’s services is delivering timely responses to dealerships and their customers to help enhance the car-buying experience and streamline repayment solutions. It’s this commitment to outstanding service that stretched the IT infrastructure to capacity, creating risks of service outages and delayed response times.

The IT Infrastructure at Credit Acceptance Corporation is 100% virtualized using VMWare and has, over time, become a complex one, with over 180 IT staff managing systems and networks, developing applications and providing support. Before deploying vCommander 18 months ago, Credit Acceptance had a 100% manual process to provision virtual machines, and what used to take five people in different teams up to three days can now be achieved in under 10 minutes using vCommander.

“Our developers were requesting new resources every day of the week. We just couldn’t facilitate that with the team and processes that were in place. But now with vCommander, we are able to do this.” Said Rael Mussell, Vice President of IT Support at Credit Acceptance Corporation.

Read More on what Rael had to say, and the journey Credit Acceptance took to using vCommander to enable their DevOps teams.

Credit Acceptance Case Study

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